Who We Are

The Whole Spectrum Autism Foundation is a NJ nonprofit organization that promotes Autism acceptance, encourages community inclusion, and advocates for families seeking help with their children, especially adults who have aged out of existing schools and programs.

Join us to Celebrate

Autism Acceptance with Our Friends and Families

We have gathered for the past 6 years in Downtown Jersey City to celebrate. Please join us for an evening of drinks, music food and fun and support The Whole Spectrum Autism Foundation’s mission of building acceptance for people of all ages and all phases on the autism spectrum. Consider becoming a sponsor of our gala fundraiser – there are three levels of support:

Platinum Sponsorship $10,000

This is a presenting sponsorship with visibility on all channels (website, social media, digital ads and print as well as being featured on collateral) offering prime exposure to a targeted audience of families with children.

Gold Sponsorship $5000

Supports this and all our efforts to drive Autism Acceptance–the perfect corporate-level visibility. Logo recognition and exposure throughout the year.

Silver Sponsorship $2500

Be a part of the team working to build acceptance for autism. For your silver-level donation you and your company will receive name recognition on event promotional materials and exposure on all event social media.

Bronze Sponsorship $1000

Your Bronze Level Sponsorship will help us in our mission to increase autism acceptance in all areas. Your donation will be highlighted in the event program distributed to all attendees.

“His smile lights up my world.”

My name is Sherry Singh and this is me with my son Ravi. He is the center of my universe and his smile lights up my world. My work with the The Whole Spectrum Autism Foundation is inspired by him and that smile

April is Autism Awareness month but for my family every day is Autism Awareness Day! There are many people who have no idea of the challenges in dealing with a loved one on the autism spectrum. People are unaware of the struggles we, as parents go through every day, scared of going outside with their loved one for fear of the reaction they will receive and the judgement we will face. Society can be cruel to people who are even slightly different.

Many adults on the autism spectrum and are able to speak about their struggles, go to work, make friends and live their lives. But there are a percentage of adults who are on the severe end of the spectrum and are unable to work, speak, learn, or even make friends.

We need more programs and funding for these adults. There is something new to teach them every day. Why are there not programs offered to adults on the spectrum? We want to people to be aware and accepting of our loved ones for them to learn how to treat them with respect and acceptance. and to create resources to help them live their lives as fully as they are able.

For me Autism Awareness isn’t just on April 2nd, it is every day.

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Autism does not and should not define the lives of anyone on the spectrum.  Every child diagnosed with autism is unique and with proper guidance and support, capable of being an active, thriving member of society.  Just as anyone else, they are filled with wonder, excitement, and love.  We should all make an effort to treat everyone with compassion and work together for a more inclusive world.